On View 4 – 8 April 2017 in Milan


The Colour World of Scholten & Baijings

Colour may be little more than how the human eye perceives varied wavelengths of light, but this belies the importance it plays in our lives. Some 30,000 years ago Paleolithic hunter-gatherers in the foothills of the Caucasus in Georgia were inspired to add a dash of colour to spun and knotted flax fibres with natural dye—the earliest known example of such a textile. Six millennia back, the natives of Huaca Prieta, in what is now coastal Peru, devised the earliest known example of indigo-dyed fabric. As long as we have been making things, we’ve been colouring them, a feat no less astonishing today than it was 30,000 years ago.

The power of colour in nature is not lost on Carole Baijings, one half of Amsterdam-based designers, Scholten & Baijings. “Even the brightest flowers are never vulgar,” says Baijings, “there’s a perfection there that we aim to achieve in our work.” Throughout their career as industrial designers, Scholten & Baijings have proved themselves to be acutely sensitive colourists—devising a hands-on, process-oriented methodology to arrive at unique hues and fresh palettes.

“Chromatography: The Colour World of Scholten & Baijings,” a new installation for Herman Miller’s Milan showroom, is a testament to their singular approach. After developing multiple textile collections for Maharam over the last three years, the exhibition is the summation of their efforts. With it they will debut three new textiles created in collaboration with the Maharam Design Studio—Mesh, Tracery, and Pare—and their inaugural furniture collection for Herman Miller—the ColourForm Sofa Group.

Throughout their practice Scholten & Baijings emphasise multiplicity and combination with their designs. “We create all these options and possibilities because a product is produced and reproduced many times,” notes Stefan Scholten, “we want to give a feeling to each one that it could be unique.” “And while we want to leave those choices and possibilities to the consumer in the end,” adds Baijings, “at the same time we like to show how it’s nice to combine certain elements or selections to demonstrate how it all can work together.” With “Chromatography,” Scholten & Baijings’ characteristically multifarious approach will be in full display.

Coinciding with Salone del Mobile 2017
Presented by Herman Miller and Maharam


Monday 3 April
Press Only
15:00 – 18:00

Tuesday 4 April
09:00 – 20:30

Wednesday 5 April
09:00 – 20:30

Thursday 6 April
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Friday 7 April
09:00 – 20:30

Saturday 8 April
09:00 – 22:00


Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings founded the Amsterdam-based Scholten & Baijings, Studio for Design, in 2000. Moving fluidly between artisanal and industrial processes, Scholten & Baijings creates products characterised by a minimalist visual language, a keen expertise in colour, and seamless symmetrical patterning. Their clients include 1616 / arita japan, Georg Jensen, MINI, Thomas Eyck, Karimoku New Standard, and HAY, among others. The studio’s work has been recognised by three ELLE Decoration International Design Awards and four Dutch Design Awards. The studio’s first monograph, Reproducing Scholten & Baijings, was published by Phaidon in 2015.



Hue and Dye

See how the design duo Scholten & Baijings marry colour to every form.

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